sloth machine sketch sloth machine

The Sloth-Machine

In the cultivated European landscape, dense vegetation is rare. However, in the remaining primeval forests, movement through the underwood is arduous. When we design vehicles for this purpose, we should look to the animal world for inspiration. The sloth (see picture) for instance is a creature that seems to combine convenience with expedience, when it advances from one branch to the next at a snail's pace, hanging upside down on its clawed arms and legs. Thus, it does not have to force its way through thick scrub.
Therefore, the Sloth-Machine is a mobile couch with limb extensions that enable it to move gradually through the treetops. It appeals to a vast array of different passengers, like bird watchers, horticulturists and leisure makers. While common climbing tools are designed to swiftly ascend the highest peaks and crowns, the Sloth-Machine allows only slow locomotion in a confined space.