Bird feeding shelter for listening to birdsteps
Bird feeding shelter with attached stethoscope

Listening to Birdsteps

All across the world birds are treasured due to the beauty of their song and plumage. Whenever the bird sits on the outstretched hand of the bird-lover, qualities other than the beauty of song and plumage become apparent.
It is the easily overlooked qualities of this kind that the bird-feeding-shelter presented here shall do justice to.
It will transform the tactile into an audio sensation by providing an aid to perceive the sound of the birds' steps.
Everyone should have experienced the making of bird houses! A slight modification in the usual construction will not mean a higher demand to the skills of the craftsperson. However, the tube of the stethoscope should be long enough to grant the birds a sense of safety, but still not too long, in order to ensure a loud enough sound.
Hopefully the employment of this bird house will add a further dimension to the joy of feeding birds. We wish you great pleasure in its construction and application!