October 18th
We would like to thank everybody who watched the race last Sunday. Maybe we will have another race next summer. We can conclude that the next race should be later at night, perhaps on a racing track that is even more slug-friendly. As it seems, the slugs were most interested in getting home, and a snail had to show them how to do it.
However, some say that the slugs just boykotted the race because of unacceptable conditions.

October 16th, 3:30 p.m:
Everything is set for the race. We have received one more contestant, another leopard slug. From now on, check our service "racing comment" (see menue bar to the left) for the latest news from the race. You are also welcome to submit your comments.

October 16th, 1 a.m:
Our slug-coach has just come back with a new contestant, a leopard slug, and a worthy successor of the deceased Panther. We have named him Tiger. He sure has the guts to beat the Spanish slugs. Because of his restlessness, he is even hard to keep in captivity.

October 15th:
After enjoying some cheap drinks at various exhibition openings, our slug-coach went for a nightly walk on a brown site, between old railway tracks and allotment gardens. He found an electric torch, a ball-pen, thousands of snails and only one slug. ...So we wonder what all the fuzz of a slug pest is about, but probably he just went searching on the wrong spot.

October 11th:
Because of the overall condition of the native slugs and the fact that their most promising team member is deceased, we consider allowing them to be backed up by snails.

October 9th:
A tragic incident has occured:
Panther, one of the most promising candidates for this year's winning title, has died. Had his salad been sprayed with pesticides? Panther's death gives outsiders a new chance and throws all predictions of who is going to win overboard..

October 7th:
We finally found acrylic tubes that can serve as a racing track. The idea of using flexible hoses was discarded.

October 6th:
As the carrots were despised by the slugs, they were removed from the box, leaving only lettuce heads for the slugs to eat. The Spanish slugs have already devoured the second head of lettuce. Not all slugs are thriving, although quite an effort is made to keep them healthy (they are sprayed with water at least once a day).
Nonetheless, some of the slugs have passed away.

October 1st:
Our assistant in Germany cannot supply the lacking materials for the racing track. We have to think of another way to complete the track.

September 28th:
All slugs are set into the large box and lettuce heads are planted inside.

September 27th:
A new supply of slugs has arrived from Bornholm. They are temporarily accomodated in a shoe box.

September 26th:
The Bornholm slugs are lodged inside the travelling box of the racing track. They are fed salat and carrots.

Special materials are necessary to complete the racing track. As they cannot be purchased in Denmark, we have ordered them from Germany.

September 21st:
Fresh racing slugs from Bornholm are expected to arrive soon.

The travel-racing-track will soon be complete.

This year's final race will be held on October the 16th in Lejre, Denmark.