"Sie sind unter uns", "De er iblandt os","They are among us","Þeir eru meðal okkar"
Hartmut Stockter exhibits at Guk+
Opening October 16th 2005, 4 p.m. at these places:
G arður - Ártún 3, 800 Selfoss, Iceland (opening 2 p.m.)
U dhus - Kirkebakken 1, 4320 Lejre, Denmark
K üche - Wohlthöfenerstr.10, D-27729 Axstedt , Germany
+ - Screen on travelling laptop computer, e-mail: hallsson@gmx.net
The opening takes place at all four places at once. Everyone is welcome and entrance
is free. The exhibition will be open by appointment until December 11th.
For more information see Guk+'s website http://www.simnet.is/guk
or Slug racing online at http://www.hstockter.de/slug.htm
...or read the press release here.


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